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3 Ways to Combat Hot Flashes in the Heat of the Summer

3 Ways to Combat Hot Flashes in the Heat of the Summer

It’s hot out there ladies. The summer can be torturous enough without the added “bonus” of menopause (1). In addition to a slowed metabolism, skin changes, and sometimes, insomnia, hot flashes are a regular occurrence for women dealing with menopause. However, it doesn’t have to be as agonizing an experience as it tries to be.

With a little help from your “friends” by way of dietary and lifestyle changes, you can transition into your golden years as gracefully as Jane Fonda. 

1. Hormone Balance with Menopause & Estrogen Support Supplements by Parker Naturals

Symptoms (2) experienced by women going through menopause can be individualized and should be discussed with your doctor as there is not a one size fits all approach. However, if your doctor finds that your symptoms are due to hormonal imbalance, there are natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals, like this supplement by Parker Naturals. Soy may be something your doctor might suggest incorporating into your diet to help ease menopausal symptoms, and Hormone Balance contains soy isoflavones, which can help ease breast pain, hot flashes and other symptoms. 

If you thought Charlie’s Angels were the only power trio to pack a punch, you’d be wrong! Hormone Balance includes a power trio of its own with Dong Quai (3), an ancient Chinese herb that contains phytoestrogens that act similarly to estrogen in the body. Red raspberry (4), acts as a uterine toner and potentially eases heavy periods, while red clover (5) can help lower your risk of heart disease and conditions related to inflammation. Whatever symptoms menopause is slinging your way, Hormone Balance has got your back

2. Reduce (or Cut Out) Caffeine, Alcohol & Nicotine Intake

Everybody’s gotta let off a little steam, especially when trying to navigate the intricacies of menopause, and nothing feels better than a nice glass of wine (6) at the end of the day. We’re not saying you can’t crack open a nice Montepulciano every once in a while, but if you’re downing large quantities of the red stuff daily, it could be worsening your symptoms

The same goes for caffeine (7) and nicotine (8). All three of these items can increase heart rate, blood flow and respiratory rate, in turn, making hot flashes significantly more exacerbated than they would be without these three culprits. We all know there are zero benefits to nicotine while caffeine and wine offer some positive side effects in moderation. Studies (9) show that one glass of wine a day is considered moderate and may help lower your risk of dementia, stroke and obesity, while 2-5 or more glasses a day can increase your risk of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and even depression. Our moms were right: everything in moderation

3. Exercise

We’re not talking American Ninja Warrior here. Gardening, squats at home, or a brisk walk for 20 minutes a day will do the trick. Your metabolism slows a bit during and after menopause, but it’s not as bad as you might think. Typical weight gain (10) during this time is usually only around 5 lbs. However, staying fit to maintain a healthy weight or drop a few L-B’s, can be beneficial to the intensity of hot flashes

Some medical theories (11) for this are that fat can act as an insulator, thus making you hotter. Additionally, studies (12) have shown that some obese women are frequent yo-yo dieters, and the frequent losing and gaining of weight can affect your body’s estrogen levels, confusing your body’s “thermostat”, the hypothalamus. Either way, making sure you get some kind of physical exercise daily is super important. That, paired with a natural weight management supplement like Parker Naturals Garcinia with Apple Cider Vinegar could be just the thing you need! 

We hope these three solutions will help better prepare you for, and help you navigate menopausal symptoms. Be sure to pick yourself up a bottle of Parker Naturals’ Hormonal Balance and check out their other accompanying supplements that can aid you on your journey both in menopause and beyond HERE. Menopause is no walk in the park, but going for one might just make it a little easier!

Parker Naturals Hormone Balance

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