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Top 5 Habits Men Should Add to Their Health Routine

Top 5 Habits Men Should Add to Their Health Routine

According to the Men’s Health Resource Center, men in the U.S. have a shorter life expectancy than their female counterparts by roughly 5 years. While there is still much debate among scientists as to possible biological causes of this disparity, MHRC statistics show that men are less likely to visit the doctor for regular checkups, less likely to adopt preventative health measures and more likely to engage in behaviors that could cause their health to suffer such as drinking and smoking

These statistics suggest that adopting a healthy lifestyle can go a long way to supporting lifelong good health. Natural supplements like Parker Naturals Saw Palmetto Capsules For Prostate Health and our Low Testosterone Dietary Supplement can provide functional support as well as eating a common sense diet and getting plenty of exercise. 

Below we’ve listed 5 simple habits all men should add to their health routine to stay healthy and active well into their golden years. 

1. Annual Health Exams

If you’re young and healthy you may not actually need tests or screenings as often as you think. Men under 35 with no family history of serious illness can usually get away with a basic annual physical. Annual exams are a great way to develop a relationship with your doctor and provide peace of mind

Starting around 35, men should start getting certain screenings including cholesterol tests. Consult your primary care physician to find out which tests apply to you, and how often you should be tested. 

2. Maintaining Prostate Health

An estimated 50% of men experience some form of declining prostate health by age 50 making prostate issues more common than male hair loss in the U.S. Fortunately a healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way towards keeping your prostate healthy

There are also a lot of prostate health supplements on the market that may give your prostate an extra boost. Saw Palmetto has been used as a treatment for swollen prostate glands since the 1800s. Studies show that it is most effective when combined with other compounds like stinging nettle root and quercetin. The best saw palmetto will contain a mixture of supplements all geared towards better prostate health. Parker Naturals Saw Palmetto Capsules For Prostate Health would be a great supplement choice. 

3. Drink Water!

It’s no secret that drinking enough water is essential for our overall health. The Food and Nutrition Board recommends that adult males should consume approximately 3.7 liters of water daily. Those who live in hot climates or who are very physically active may require more. 

Water is associated with a huge range of health benefits including weight loss, reduced fatigue, it also aids digestion and helps maximize your performance in the gym

4. Strength Training and Testosterone

Muscle plays a vital role in overall health. Developing healthy muscles will keep your joints in good shape as you age. Gaining muscle boosts metabolism, immune systems and helps keep your heart healthy. However, if you’re training hard at the gym and having trouble building muscle, testosterone could be an issue. 

Testosterone is a hormone that helps men torch fat and build muscle, it also increases energy levels, making working out that much easier. Testosterone levels in men begin to decline after the age of about 30 and other factors like stress and lack of sleep can also play a role. Try a testosterone boosting supplement like Parker Naturals Low Testosterone to help you reach your fitness goals. 

5. More Sex!

That’s right! Human beings benefit from a healthy sex life in more ways than one. Men and women who have moderately frequent sex (once or twice per week) have been shown in some studies to exhibit enhanced immune function, which may help prevent illnesses like the common cold

There is also research that suggests that in men who are already physically active, a healthy sex life may lessen the risk of heart attacks and ward off prostate cancer. On top of all that, sex can ease anxiety and help you sleep better

Hurray for science! 

Remember, also check out Parker Naturals Saw Palmetto Capsules For Prostate Health and our Low Testosterone Dietary Supplement as part of your daily healthcare routine.

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