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New Year, New You Health Challenge #4: Water Challenge for Cleansing and Weight Management

New Year, New You Health Challenge #4: Water Challenge for Cleansing and Weight Management

It's week four of our New Year, New You Health Challenge. We’re hoping you are feeling more calm, focused, and relaxed after getting your brain some rest and nutrition in last week’s challenge. If you missed the meditation challenge from week 3, click here to check it out! 

Did you know that the liver is like the clean-up system for your organs?

That’s right. Anything your body doesn’t need or know how to process gets sent to your liver to deal with. And in a world where you’re constantly being exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins… your liver could use a break

For an easy solution to cleanse out your liver and give it the support it needs, Parker Naturals Liver Support is the perfect choice. 

In order to give your body a nice little “reset,” you need to cleanse out all of your major organs. And there is no better way to cleanse your body than to drink LOTS of fresh water. So for this week’s health challenge, we want you to drink a gallon of water each day this week. That’s right, a whole gallon. 

It might seem daunting at first but it's only for a few days and the difference you feel will be immense! Drinking plenty of water is linked to almost every single possible health outcome you can think of... It helps you get over colds and flus faster and even mild chronic dehydration has been linked with several long-term chronic diseases. Some studies have even shown very significant drops in the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer in women who stayed adequately hydrated compared with women who drank less water. 

Why is water so important for protecting us from disease and illness?

Because water is what allows our cleaning organs (including our livers, kidneys, and intestinal tracts) to be “cleaned out.” Without enough water, toxins get stored in the body with no way of getting out. So in order to give yourself a true clean out to start your year feeling strong, try our week-long challenge and drink a gallon of water each day this week! 

But in order to really support your body through this cleansing process, you can give it the nutrients that will make cleansing even more efficient and easy

Milk Thistle (the main ingredient in Parker Naturals Liver Support) is an incredible plant that helps protect and cleanse the liver and kidneys by protecting cells and stopping toxins from entering the liver and by cleansing the liver and kidneys of toxins. 

Another great support to give your body while cleansing is Parker Naturals Intestinal Cleanse which has the perfect blend of herbs and supplements to help your body flush out excess waste. With all of the extra water you’re drinking, it will be the perfect combination to do as much cleansing and refreshing as possible this week.  

Good luck on your challenge! We would love to hear how it's going and how incredible you start feeling a few days into this one. Comment below with your progress (or your favorite water bottle!) or find us on Facebook to share your experience! 

Parker Naturals Liver Support

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