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New Year, New You Health Challenge #3: Meditation Challenge for More Mental Clarity & Focus

New Year, New You Health Challenge #3: Meditation Challenge for More Mental Clarity & Focus

It's week three of our New Year, New You Health Challenge. Is your hair feeling stronger and softer than ever from your coconut hair mask? If you missed last week’s challenge, click here to check it out!

Have you been feeling that post-holiday haze? Between all of the parties, indulgences, and the tendency to “check out” of work and anything productivity oriented -- getting back into the workflow of January can feel like a real challenge! 


The fact is, your brain and body need support to get back on track. Parker Naturals Brain Boost Powder or the Brain Boost Formula are both incredible supplements packed full of everything your brain needs to get back on track for the New Year. 

Chances are you’ve set yourself some exciting new intentions and goals for the start of the year… but maybe your focus and your motivation are lagging behind your dreams of change and progress. After a month or two of holiday madness, this is totally normal! 

This week’s New Year, New You Challenge is all about giving yourself the mental and physical support to really start changing the habits you set out to change this year. The foundation of those changes is in your focus and mental clarity

One of the most incredible ways you can improve your mental function is with a meditation practice. But if you haven’t done much meditation in the past, don’t let the word intimidate you… We will walk you through the easiest way to ease yourself into meditating without feeling bored or overwhelmed. 

Meditation has been shown to improve focus on even the most boring and difficult tasks. And meditation or mindfulness practices are also linked with greater concentration, overall mental clarity, and even calmness

In order to start a meditation practice this year there a few good options to ease yourself in…

  • Try guided meditations

A simple google or YouTube search will give you a wide variety of free guided meditations that will help train your mind for calmness and mindfulness. There are even wonderful apps that lead you through simple meditations and really educate you about how to start calming your mind. Check out HeadSpace for an introduction to meditation. 

  • Just do it, every day

It doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time. Just set aside 5-10 minutes each day in a quiet place. Light a candle to set yourself up for focus and make it more enjoyable. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and just focus on your breath. When thoughts arise -- let them go. Imagine them as ships sailing by as you watch a calm ocean in front of you. Don’t resist them, just observe them and let them pass you by without getting stuck on one. Breathe and repeat. 

Focus on practicing your meditation for just 5-10 minutes each day this week and take note of any changes you notice in your mental clarity and focus. For best results, keep it up all month long. 

If you are having trouble calming down and staying focused, consider that your brain may need some nutritional support as well. Parker Naturals Brain Boost Powder or the Brain Boost Formula will offer you added, effortless support in your journey toward the changes you want to make this year.    

We would love to hear how your meditation journey is going! Comment here with your experience or share with us on Facebook

We wish you lots of calm, clarity, and focus! 

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