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3 Natural Cleansing Ideas for the New Year

3 Natural Cleansing Ideas for the New Year

The new year is only a blink away and many of us will have New Year’s resolutions to make. A new 2018 gives us many opportunities for a fresh start on our health plans. It is the perfect time to evaluate your goals and find healthy lifestyle choices.

Most of all, the new year is the perfect time to cleanse! Start the new year off right and let go of all the stresses, unhealthy holiday food binges and toxins lurking around in your body. The holidays can take quite a toll on your health. From heavy meals to constant travel, your body will thank you for a well-deserved 2018 cleanse.

Below are healthy ways you can cleanse your body naturally. Although each of these ingredients is beneficial to your health, the cleansing benefits perform best when combined in a high-quality blend like the Parker Natural’s Intestinal Cleanse.

Black Walnut Hull for Intestinal Cleansing

For thousands of years, black walnut has been used medicinally to treat stomach and liver problems, wounds, venomous bites and more. Nowadays the hull, or outer covering of the walnut, is used for its wide range of cleansing benefits.

As a laxative, black walnut hull can help the body gently release constipation and cleanse the digestive system. During the holidays, your enteric nervous system which controls gut health can be thrown off balance by travel, changing time zones and different sleeping habits. These are all common situations during the holidays, so finding balance in your cleansing plan for the new year can help your gut go back to its prime performance.

Black walnut hull doesn’t just help regulate movements, it is also well known for its parasite-fighting abilities. Juglone, the active ingredient in black walnut hull, contains enzymes that are toxic to parasites like ringworm and tapeworm. This makes black walnut hull a key ingredient in intestinal cleanses.

Wormwood for Gastrointestinal Balance

Known for its ability to stimulate and maintain digestive health, wormwood is a top cleansing superfood. Like black walnut hull, wormwood is shown to help ward off parasitic ringworms and tapeworms. In addition to its cleansing benefits, many people know wormwood as the active ingredient in the promising artemisinin drug, which has shown to be an effective herbal treatment for Malaria.

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO, is a condition associated with chronic discomfort, diarrhea and malabsorption. Due to its gastrointestinal benefits, wormwood was studied as an herbal treatment to SIBO in 2014. Wormwood was selected with other herbal ingredients to compare their effectiveness against commonly prescribed antibiotic rifaximin for patients with SIBO. The herbal ingredients were shown to be just as effective as the antibiotic, which indicates an even more exciting use for wormwood: antibacterial treatment without the adverse effects of some antibiotics.

Overall, wormwood is used to promote gastrointestinal health and protect against digestive disorders. Its uses are so beneficial that it has been studied as a treatment for the millions affected by malaria, and it continues to show positive results at a low cost in studies.


Although many uses and benefits have been linked to the coneflower, medically known as echinacea, none shine as bright as its immune-boosting abilities. While cleansing for the new year, it’s important to not just release toxic substances but to add new beneficial antioxidants back in to the body. The holiday season offers a few too many opportunities for poor health and sleep, which can leave your immune system battered as you embark on 2018.

For years, echinacea was touted as a powerful cold and illness fighter. Now there is positive scientific evidence that this could be the case. Specifically, this comes from a meta-analysis of peer-reviewed studies and 14 clinical trials that determined echinacea to be an effective cold preventative and herbal treatment. Other studies have found regular echinacea use to reduce inflammation, which is important for maintaining overall health and preventing the onset of many health problems and diseases.

Echinacea is great for overall health and immunity, but it also serves a particular function in gut health just like above ingredients. According to research published by the journal Medical Herbalism, echinacea can be used as a mild laxative to stimulate bowl movements.

Ready for the New Year

The above health foods and herbs each provide their own benefits for your intestine, immune system and overall health. However, when combined, these ingredients offer an all-around cleanse that can help your body jumpstart the new year with energy and vitality. Find these potent health ingredients together in the Parker Natural’s Intestinal Cleanse.

Be sure to pair your new year cleanse with plenty of healthy foods, exercise and sleep to give your body the boost it needs to feel great in 2018! 



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