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Top 10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make

Top 10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make

It’s almost the beginning of 2018! The perfect time to write down and plan out the resolutions you want to make for yourself.

Top 10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make

Here at Parker Naturals, we have your health covered, and have come up with some of our favorite health-related New Year’s Resolutions for you! Here they are:

1. Add-In More Good Stuff Instead Of Depriving Yourself

It's easy to start off a new year telling yourself you will not consume sugar, gluten, dairy, or alcohol ever again. But setting up unrealistic goals and expectations for yourself is a good way to guarantee you will fail. One of the best ways you can begin to make substantial health shifts this year is to focus less energy on eliminating the foods that are bad for you and adding in more of the ones that are good. The good foods will help your body feel more balanced and vital, which might even lead to fewer cravings, but will certainly lead to improved health. Parker Naturals Berry Green Superfoods is an incredibly easy and effective way to give your body a huge boost in nutrition every day.

2. Move Your Body Daily

If you’re ready to really enhance the way your body feels in 2018, remember this one rule - movement looks so many different ways, but you have to move your body every day.

Don’t lock yourself in by saying you’re going to finally run that half-marathon or make it to yoga 6 days a week this year. If you’re never stuck with it before, chances are you won’t do it now. What you can do is make sure you get some kind of movement every single day. Whether it's 10 minutes of stretching in your living room, a 20-minute walk through your neighborhood after work, or a 6-mile run. What matters is that you are moving your body constantly each day and having flexibility around how it shows up.

Even adding in just a couple of extra hours of walking each week has been shown to have significant effects on life expectancy and health issues like heart attack and stroke over time.

3. Prioritize Rest

The results of getting enough rest seem to be endless. We couldn’t list them all if we tried. Not only does sufficient (and quality) rest help prevent major diseases, it has also been shown to have significant effects on things like weight regulation, sex life satisfaction, mental clarity and pain tolerance.

If you, like many Americans, struggle to unwind at night or to get deep, quality rest -- Parker Naturals Sleep Formula is a wonderful alternative to unhealthy and damaging sleeping pills and uses only natural ingredients to help you get the best rest you’ve had in years.

4. Eat More Greens

This goes back to adding in more of what’s good for you instead of depriving yourself of the indulgences. There is nothing wrong with indulging from time to time. But when you plan out of your meals with lots of healthy green vegetables, you are less likely to have room (or even the craving) for the bad stuff. Green vegetables, in particular, are incredibly high in nutrients that help prevent cancer, strengthen our immune systems, and even improve life satisfaction!

5. Discover Your Ideal Weight

There is always a lot of pressure around the New Year to lose weight. Especially after the holiday season, your jeans may be feeling a little tight and you might be ready to drop some pounds. But we want to encourage you to take a careful approach when it comes to weight loss and focus on what your ideal weight feels like.

Can you remember a time when you felt amazing in your body? 

If that number doesn’t perfectly correspond with the BMI chart, that’s okay! It becomes easier to maintain a healthy weight when you have a clear picture of what healthy looks like for you. If you’re ready to shed a few pounds and get back to feeling like your best self, try Parker Naturals Ultimate Healthy Weight Loss Blend to help you reach your ideal weight at a pace that works for you.  

For even more healthy supplements and powders for you and your family, be sure and our whole line of Parker Natural Products. Here's to a Happy New Year and a healthy 2018!


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