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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Right For You?

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Right For You?

Meal replacement shakes have been on the market for many years and were originally developed to help patients who were recovering from illness or otherwise having trouble maintaining a healthy weight. These popular supplements have evolved quite a bit since their inception and there are now many different kinds of shakes available in your local supermarket. Replacement shakes are commonly used by everyone from bodybuilders and athletes, to people who are simply too busy to sit down to eat 3 times per day. 

With so many meal replacement products on the market you may be having a hard time figuring out if shakes are the right choice for you, so we’ve put together some reasons to try these delicious meal alternatives. If you’re interested in meal replacement shakes, Parker Naturals All in One Plant Protein Chocolate Berry Superfood is an excellent choice. With 5 to 9 servings of fruits and green vegetables in each glass it’s packed with all the fiber, protein and probiotics your body needs to stay fit, healthy and energized all day long. 

Losing Weight?

If you’re trying to shed some extra pounds and are finding it difficult or frustrating to count calories and stick to your recommended portion sizes, meal replacement shakes could help you as part of a healthy eating plan

Even with all of the calorie databases available on smartphones today, it can be hard to figure out the correct number of calories in every meal. While meal replacement shakes are not a magic bullet for weight loss they can be a useful tool to keep you on track because they take guesswork out of the equation. They could also help you maintain your weight once you hit your goal. In a study published by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women who reduced their calorie intake while using meal replacement beverages maintained their losses for longer than those who didn’t. These women continued drinking at least one shake a day in place of a regular meal. 

The CDC recommends losing weight at a rate of no more than 2lbs per week, so be sure to include healthy snacks and at least one fully balanced nutritious meal per day into your plan. 

Busy Lifestyle?

If you are often so busy running from one appointment to the next that you grab unhealthy processed snacks while you’re on the go, or even forget to eat all together, then meal replacement shakes could be a great choice for you. 

Shakes are incredibly convenient and easy to eat on the run, in the car, or even during a business meeting. By replacing just one of your meals with a nutritious and balanced replacement shake like Parker Naturals All in One Plant Protein Chocolate Berry Superfood you can guarantee you’ll receive your recommended daily dose of fruits, veggies, protein and fiber regardless of your busy schedule. This means you’ll have more energy and focus to tackle all the tasks on your to-do list without so much as turning on the oven. 

Gaining Muscle?

Meal replacement shakes aren’t all about weight loss, they can be great for building muscle too! You can use replacement shakes to add calories to your diet and boost your metabolism, turbo-charging your gym sessions with vitamins and minerals and supporting muscle growth. 

Look for shakes that are high in muscle building protein and amino acids without added sugar.

Got Kids?

Superfoods aren’t just for adults, we have an option for kids too! While it’s not a meal replacement, everyone should be healthy and you’re never too young to start. You can make sure that your kids are getting all of their daily nutritional requirements met by adding Parker Naturals Chocolate Superfood Powder for Kids to their favorite drink or smoothie. With its delicious chocolate flavor, they will never complain about eating their greens again! 

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to make sure you’re getting all of the daily nutrition, that your body needs to function at its best whether you’re losing weight, gaining muscle or just on the run. Remember to try Parker Naturals All in One Plant Protein Chocolate Berry Superfood which not only contains your entire recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables but is packed full of probiotics and digestive enzymes to boost your immune system. Sweetened with natural monk fruit powder It also contains no added sugar and tastes delicious whether mixed with water, juice, or in your favorite smoothie. 

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