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6 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat (And LOVE Eating) Their Greens!

6 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat (And LOVE Eating) Their Greens!

In a recent guide published by the American Heart Association, your child’s recommended fruit and vegetable intake range anywhere between around 2 to 4 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. While the green intake among children has increased in recent years, according to the CDC most kids are still not meeting their daily requirements

If you’re tired of finding the veggies you're lovingly prepared in your dog’s bowl and old pieces of fruit hidden in the sofa, we’ve got your back. Check out these 6 sneaky ways to get your kids to eat their greens, including our delicious chocolate flavored Parker Naturals Superfood Powder for Kids

1. Puree and Smoothies

    It’s science! A recent study by Penn State showed that preschool children ate almost twice as many vegetables when they were served pureed instead of whole. Try putting a pot of applesauce with no added sugar into your child’s lunchbox and throw those steamed sides of carrots and beans in a blender. You can even sneak in some protein by making a smoothie. Blend some low-fat yogurt with some fruit and a little-crushed ice and voila! That fruit bowl will empty faster than you can say “more please!” 

    2. Farming and Gardens

      Okay, so we know that not everyone has a green thumb or the time for a garden, but your local farms are growing everything from asparagus to cherry tomatoes. Fruit and vegetable picking is a great way to take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity and it gets them out in nature and interested in the food on their plate. You may be surprised at how much more enthusiastic your kids are about eating the lettuce at the local supermarket after they’ve picked some for themselves. 

      3. Chocolate Superfood Powder for Kids

      For a sweet way to sneak in those veggie servings, try this delicious, chocolate flavored superfood blend. Superfood Powder for Kids is packed full of organic whole leaf greens, fruits, berries and vegetables. Sweetened with monk fruit extract, it contains no added sugar and tastes just like a chocolate shake! If you want to make sure that your child is getting all of the nutrition they need and you don’t have the time for a trip to the farm, try adding Parker Naturals Chocolate Superfood Powder for Kids to a glass of water or throw some in a smoothie for a fully balanced, veggie-powered breakfast. 

      4. Cooking

        Research shows that kids who help in the kitchen develop positive attitudes towards the foods they’re preparing, so involve them in the process. Let them stir, taste and push a few buttons. You could even get them their very own apron, to help them feel like a real-life chef! 

        5. Butter and Dips

        Remember, your child has brand new taste buds that are sensitive to the bitterness in vegetables like broccoli and sprouts. Cooking with butter can help cut some of these challenging flavors and as an added bonus, it contains vitamins that are good for growing bodies. Dips are also a fun way to tempt a young palate. Cut up some fresh carrots, cucumber, broccoli and colorful peppers. Try ranch dressing or whip up some yogurt with herbs. Make this available when your kids are hungry, as an appetizer or an after-school snack

        6. Taste Tests

        Kids with sensitive taste buds are not generally the best audience for the delicious artichokes that just came into season at the market. See if you can turn new foods into fun events with taste tests. Use a blindfold or a checklist and have your child describe the way the food feels and smells before they taste it. You may not win the battle over brussels sprouts this way, but it will help to open your child’s mind and mouth, and over time your fussy eater will become more adventurous. 

        If you’re looking to sneak some extra veggies into your child’s diet, remember these fun tips and don’t forget to add Parker Naturals Chocolate Superfood Powder for Kids to their favorite beverage for a quick, delicious nutritional blast.

        Parker Naturals Chocolate Superfood Powder for Kids

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