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5 Ways to Keep Your Body Balanced While Having Fun This St. Patrick's Day

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Balanced While Having Fun This St. Patrick's Day

Now that Spring is finally starting to make an appearance, excitement for St. Patrick’s day is in full force. Whether you’re looking forward to eating your weight in corned beef, throwing back pints of green beer, or marching in a parade or just spending time with family, it’s important to keep your body balanced while having a great time. With the help of products like Parker Naturals Premium Milk Thistle Liver Support, and a few other tips, you can do just that. 

1. Be Well Rested For the Big Day 

It may seem like common sense to avoid cramming for an exam the day before the St. Paddy’s day bar crawl, but the more sleep you get before a busy weekend the better you’ll feel during and after the fun. If you’re in an exercise routine, keep it up in the week leading up to the holiday to ensure you’re in tip-top shape. Being fit and rested won’t just make you feel less guilty for indulging in the celebrations, they’ll also help you recover faster from a day or two of unhealthy choices

2. Skip the Booze Fest for a 5K

Drinking with friends can be of fun but getting them all to participate in other activities on this beautiful spring holiday could be even better! Feel your best and participate in a local St. Patty’s Day race or walk in the parade. Getting your heart rate up and being outside will not only feel good in the moment but will make that green beer after the race even more rewarding. And being active will help your body metabolize the food and alcohol faster and therefore stay more balanced. 

3. Use Milk Thistle to Improve Liver Function 

If you do decide to go the classic Irish route, make sure to show your liver some love. You’ve probably heard that drinking alcohol and maintaining optimum liver function don’t often go together. That’s because the main function of the liver is to cleanse your body and rid it of harmful toxins. Everything you eat and drink passes through this organ, which is why the liver’s role in absorption and cleansing can be compromised by drinking excessive alcohol and eating unhealthy foods on St. Patrick’s Day. 

That’s where supplements like Parker Naturals Premium Milk Liver Support comes in! With 60mg of real milk thistle seed in each dose, this supplement won’t just help your body prepare for and recover from a rowdy St. Patrick’s Day, it’ll also help your overall health moving forward. With vitamin C, folic acid, B6, B12, turmeric root, selenium and magnesium among the natural ingredients, your body will have plenty of the minerals it needs to repair itself and even improve reproductive health. The milk thistle gives your body the support it needs to properly cleanse after the shenanigans

4. Opt for Healthier Food Options When Available 

You can’t always control what’s being served at a friend’s house or what’s on the menu at the pub, but making healthier food choices when possible will still help you maximize balance in your body during a splurge. A good tip is to choose an appetizer or dessert, but not both, and make sure no matter how much crap you eat, you have at least something on your plate that qualifies as a vegetable. 

5. Spend Time With Family 

We all know that holidays are the perfect time to spend time with your family. But why not turn this green, festive holiday into a healthy one by making some fun, healthy smoothies together! Add in some of Parker Naturals Berry Green Super Food Powders for an extra nutrients boost. We’ve also created a great guide to creating perfect smoothies for the whole family HERE! 

St. Patrick’s Day is just one of the many holidays that allow us to celebrate with friends and family while having a great time. You just don’t want to be one of those people who has a great night followed by an awful next day when your body rejects everything you ate and drink. So beat the negative side effects, by making sure you get yourself a bottle of Parker Naturals Premium Milk Thistle Support before this Saturday and give these other tricks a try to give you a St. Paddy’s day to remember, not one you want to forget

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