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3 Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair & Skin from Chlorine

3 Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair & Skin from Chlorine

Who doesn’t love a good swim in the summer? While swimming is incredible for every part of your body, it can wreak havoc on your hair, especially if you’re swimming in a pool that is treated with chlorine.

Don’t sweat, we’ve got some great ways for you to protect your hair topically, and from the inside out this summer, so you can hit the pool as often as you want! 

1. Hairvescense by Parker Naturals

This supplement changes.your hair game. Vitamins A, C, D & B complex help to grow shinier, healthier hair, which comes in very handy when your hair is incurring regular breakage from the drying effects of chlorine. Speaking of drying effects, getting out of a chlorinated pool can sometimes feel like you have surgical tape on your temples, a la “Nip/Tuck”. Hairvescence has Vitamin C, Silica and Pantothenic Acid (1) which helps to replenish skin’s elasticity, reduce facial acne, moisturizes the hair and skin, and reduce hair loss from having your hair in tangled, wet knots all summer long.

2. Rinse and Slather

Ever see those “Rinse Before Swimming” signs and think they were meant for grubby kids or sweaty adults-both of which are definitely not you? Well, those signs are actually for EVERYONE. Reason being that our hair and skin can act as a sponge, and when you saturate your body with clean water, it may help prevent your skin and hair from absorbing as much chlorinated water

On top of that, a chemical compound called chloramine (2) can form when chlorine reacts with ammonia from sweat, so showering before you jump in to cool off, can help reduce the amount of chloramine on the skin. In addition to chloramine build up, chlorine can disrupt your skin’s pH balance (3), which is made up of a combination of bacteria, viruses and other chemicals known as an acid mantle (4), which is naturally alkaline and acts as a physical and chemical barrier for unwanted, non-alkaline bacteria, viruses and chemicals. Slathering on a natural emollient such as coconut oil to your hair and skin before swimming in a chlorinated pool, can act as an added layer of protection by stepping in to replace the skin’s acid mantle while you’re in the water. 

3. Max Strength Biotin by Parker Naturals

This super B Vitamin packs a healthy 10,000 mcg dose of biotin and is like a superfood for your hair. Biotin (5) helps to encourage healthy hair by increasing hair follicle count, volume, coverage, and thickness. Not only does Biotin give you hair-commercial-worthy hair, it also helps increase your metabolic rate to help food turn into fuel faster, and also promotes thyroid health (6). Biotin can help improve gut health where 20-25% of thyroid hormone is manufactured, thereby producing more thyroid hormones, potentially stabilizing an underactive thyroid, which can help prevent hair loss, a common side effect of underactive thyroid syndrome. 

Chlorine can get a bad rap, and for good reason, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your local pool this summer; at least not without a little prep and recovery action steps. In addition to Hairvescense and Max Strength Biotin, Parker Naturals offers an array of great supplements to enhance your hair, skin, and overall health HERE. Mind the pool signs, slather, take your vitamins, and enjoy the water!

Parker Naturals Biotin Supplement

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