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Dog Probiotics: What Are They and Should Your Dog Be Taking Them?

Dog Probiotics: What Are They and Should Your Dog Be Taking Them?

If you’ve been reading up on dog health and been looking for ways to keep your furry friend around longer, you’ve probably come across dog probiotics. But maybe you are wondering what they are and if your dog really needs to take them… 

Probiotics are living healthy bacteria and microflora that thrive in parts of your body like your oral and nasal cavities, your respiratory organs and inside your gastrointestinal tract. While most of these organisms live in your digestive system, they do a lot more than process the food you eat. Believe it or not, 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system can be found in your gut and the balance of bacteria that reside there do a lot to keep you healthy and ward of illness and disease. Your dog’s biology is no different. In order to protect and sustain good health, a strong immune system is essential, and that all begins with his stomach

You can help your best friend ward off illness and stay active throughout his life by paying attention to the microflora that are present in his system, and you can give those healthy bacteria a boost by adding a supplement like Bark Brothers Probiotic to his diet. Here, we will share a few reasons giving your dog a daily probiotic can be so beneficial to his health: 


Lots of things can cause digestive disorders in dogs including stress, changes in diet, medications like antibiotics and steroids, parasites and even old age. All of these things can disrupt the balance of healthy and disease-causing microbes present in your dog’s system causing him diarrhea and discomfort. If your dog is suffering from stomach problems of any kind, one of the best remedies available is simply adding probiotics to his diet, naturally and gently restoring balance to his digestive tract from the inside out. 

Brain Health

Even if your dog is not suffering from stomach problems, probiotics can help keep his brain healthy. The gut and the brain are the only organs in your body that have their own nervous systems. Nerve cells in the gut are responsible for 95% of the serotonin in your body and every class of neurotransmitter in your brain also exists in your gut! Given this important gut-brain connection it should come as no surprise that research(1) has suggested that a major part of emotional well being may have a lot to do with the health of our GI tract

Immune Function

Probiotics help the body produce vitamins and short chain fatty acids that protect against bad bacteria. They also help protect the body from diseases and pathogens that your dog may swallow. Improving the bacteria in the gut has been shown to help(2) with everything from allergies to respiratory problems and regular probiotic use could help your canine bff stay healthy and active well into old age. 

Skin and Coat

Because of all of the health benefits associated with a healthy gut, a daily probiotic supplement could also keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy, reduce constant itching and scratching, and it may even help with problematic smelly breath. In addition to probiotics, Bark Brothers has also received rave reviews for their Dog Coat Health Supplement which includes all natural beef chewables for shiny coat health with fish oil, sunflower oil and evening primrose! 

Dog Probiotics vs Human Probiotics

Because dog and human biology is significantly different, most veterinarians recommend that pet owners looking to use probiotics for canine health and wellness opt for a probiotic that has been specially formulated for dogs. There are differences in the acidity of stomach fluids and digestive enzymes that require particular strains of bacteria in order for the treatment to be effective and a supplement like Bark Brothers Probiotic contains a proprietary blend of essential digestive enzymes like Amylase, Lipase, and Protease. This is everything your dog's digestive system needs to repair itself, rejuvenate, protect it, promote more comfortable and effective digestion, and overall health.

Bark Brothers is passionate about your dog’s health. That’s why they’ve created a whole line of natural dog supplements including their Dog Coat Health Supplement, an all natural Dog Calming Supplement, and Hip and Joint Supplement.

But remember, if you are looking for a natural way to support your dog’s digestion, brain health, immune system, and even improve the condition of their coat, try adding probiotic like Bark Brothers Probiotic to their daily routine.

Parker Naturals Dog Probiotic

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