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4 Natural Ways to Help Your Dog Ease Anxiety and Barking

4 Natural Ways to Help Your Dog Ease Anxiety and Barking

Does your dog have anxiety? Panting, pacing, obsessive chewing and licking, destroyed furniture, constant barking…These may feel like everyday problems for many dog owners, but these behaviors are often associated with a larger issue that is more common than you might think. Anxiety and stress are widespread problems for many dogs and both can be triggered by a wide range of situations.

Perhaps you are gone many hours of the day, you just moved to a new home, you’re too tired to give your dog ample play time or trips to the park, your pup grew up with a particular phobia, the list could go on. While it might be difficult to identify the cause of your dog’s stress, it’s important to look at their living environment and daily routine to help them overcome it. Incorporating more healthy activities and calming ingredients like Natural Dog Calming Supplement by Parker Naturals into their diets can make a big difference in your dog’s happiness and physical wellbeing.

If your dog has been barking non-stop or showing any of the other signs of anxiety, try some of these tips to naturally soothe your pup!

Get Moving, Get Playing

One of the easiest ways to help your anxious dog is to give them what they love – attention and play time! A walk around the neighborhood can do wonders, a run around the park can put a real pep in your dog’s step. Too many dogs spend their days mostly sedentary waiting for us to come home. This can cause the boredom and anxiety that is presented to us in chewed up shoes and destroyed furniture.

Make sure your dog is walked at least one to two times a day. Having a large backyard doesn’t satisfy every dog’s needs, but a little neighborhood exploration gives them the chance to fill up on all the smells, sounds and sights they instinctively seek to discover.  

Calming Chamomile

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from the calming effects of chamomile. As a natural antispasmodic and sedative, chamomile can help your dog physically and mentally relax. If your dog suffers from severe anxiety or phobia, physical activity alone may not do the trick.

However, pairing a positive dog-friendly lifestyle with chamomile could help your dog…

  • Relax their nerves
  • Overcome an upset stomach or gas pain
  • Reduce inflammation

This soothing herb is a safe and non-toxic option for your stressed dog but for the best results it should be ingested in a high-quality blend such as the Natural Dog Calming Supplement by Parker Naturals.

Create a Comfortable Place to Snuggle

Excessive barking is common sign of separation anxiety that occurs when you leave your dog at home alone. While doggie-daycare and dog walkers are both great options to keep your dog occupied in your absence, they may be difficult to arrange every time you are gone.

Creating a calm, quiet, comfortable space that your dog can retreat to can help your dog relax when they are home. Here are some ways you can create the perfect doggie relaxation retreat in your house.

  • Block off a quiet area away from your front door with a baby gate. Turn it into your dog’s special snuggle space!
  • Dress up a crate with a comfortable bed and blankets. You can even cover their crate with a curtain to reduce stress-inducing distractions.
  • Fill up a chew toy with peanut butter or use another treat dispensing today to keep them busy.

Back to Feeling Paw-some

If your dog suffers from stress and anxiety, it’s time to help them feel their best! Our furry friends can’t always communicate how they are feeling so it’s important to know how to identify the symptoms and causes. Aim to incorporate more activities they love into their daily lives and be sure to try the Natural Dog Calming Supplement by Parker Naturals. Unlike other chewables, this blend is packed with delicious beefy flavor your dog will enjoy like a treat! It contains natural dog-safe ingredients like chamomile, ginger and melatonin to help your pooch live their best canine lives stress, bark and anxiety free.

Parker Naturals Dog Calming

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