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Itchy Eyes and Sneezing? 5 Natural Allergy Remedies to Soothe Your Symptoms

Itchy Eyes and Sneezing? 5 Natural Allergy Remedies to Soothe Your Symptoms

Seasonal allergies have become something of an epidemic. It seems like as soon as springtime hits, the whole country is a mess of sneezing and sniffling. And while there are plenty of OTC medication available to numb your symptoms, many of these medications take a toll on the long-term health of your immune system which, over time, may make your allergies even worse. 

So rather than taking potentially dangerous or unhealthy medicines, why not try some of the incredible natural remedies such as Parker Naturals Bee Pollen that nature has to offer? A lot of natural remedies have the added benefit of not only easing symptoms but also of helping to strengthen your immune system overall.

1. Nasal Irrigation

One of the best and most affordable remedies for allergies is nasal irrigation in the form of a neti pot or saline spray. These safe and effective methods clean irritants out of nasal passages reducing the symptoms and inflammation that come from pollen and other allergens getting caught in nasal passages. They can also help prevent ongoing allergies from turning into a more serious problem like a sinus infection. One study on nasal irrigation showed that participants not only had fewer nasal symptoms but that they also took less medication when practicing nasal irrigation.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus have the power to help clear out clogged sinuses and have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Using these oils in a diffuser is also a great way to help keep moisture in the air in your home, which helps knock pollen, dust, and other irritants out of the air while cleaning out your sinus passages. Keep a diffuser on while you sleep for relief from allergy headaches and discomfort.

3. Turn To The Bees

One of the best known natural resources we have for fighting seasonal allergies is raw, local honey and bee pollen. One study found that when taken for a period of 8 weeks, honey had an effect on helping with allergy symptoms. Other studies have shown improvements to hay fever and other allergies for patients taking a bee pollen supplement. If you want to try out the power of bee pollen yourself, give Parker Natural’s Supreme Bee Pollen a try! 

4. Take Probiotics

Taking a probiotic supplement is an incredibly easy and beneficial way to support your immune system and thereby help decrease allergy symptoms. The bacteria in our gut has a major impact on the functioning of our immune system and having a strong immune system is the biggest factor is getting rid of allergies. To strengthen your immune system, take a probiotic throughout the year so that by allergy season you’ll be far less likely to have a reaction.

5. Drink Tons of Fluids!

When we have allergies, our bodies produce mucus to try and get rid of the allergens that the body is fighting against. When we drink a lot of water and other clear fluids, it makes clearing that mucus way easier on the body because it thins it out, leading to less tiredness and fatigue, and less sinus pressure. Drinking fluids that are rich in electrolytes like coconut water is an added bonus since it’ll help your body use the water you drink more effectively. If you’re suffering from allergy headaches, aim for at least 3 liters of water every day.

Allergy season can be a real pain, but with a little care and planning, you can help your body get this annoying time with more ease and less stress. And if you’re looking for an awesome remedy that will help your body stop fighting so hard against allergens, try Parker Natural’s Supreme Bee Pollen. You’ll be feeling better in no time!

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