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5 Healthy Gifts to Give Your Mom This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13th) is right around the corner! Do you know what you are getting for your mom? Here at Parker Naturals we are always looking for ways for to help you and your family to feel as healthy and happy as possible. So we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite healthy gift ideas for your mom this mother’s day.

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7 Essential Vitamins and Supplements You Should Incorporate Into Your Morning Routine

There’s no doubt about it, the global dietary supplements market is booming. As consumers and healthcare professionals alike look for natural ways to support good health and prevent chronic diseases, the demand for vitamins and supplements is growing every year. Infact, the global dietary supplements market is...

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6 Ways to Use Chia Seeds in Your Everyday Meals

From oatmeal to smoothies, it’s easy to add a spoonful of chia seeds to your daily routine, exponentially boosting the nutritional value of your existing recipes. We’ve come up with 6 easy ways to use chia seeds in...

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