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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes in Summer

Summer is finally upon us and after one of the coldest winters on record, this barbeque season is likely to be a busy one. You’ve probably noticed sunscreen making its annual appearance at your local supermarket counter but did you know that it’s just as important to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of too much sun, as it is to save your skin?

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6 Ways to Use Chia Seeds in Your Everyday Meals

From oatmeal to smoothies, it’s easy to add a spoonful of chia seeds to your daily routine, exponentially boosting the nutritional value of your existing recipes. We’ve come up with 6 easy ways to use chia seeds in...

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Top 5 Ways to Maintain (and Improve) Eyesight

Just like the rest of our bodies, our eyes change as we grow older and it’s natural even for people with perfect vision to experience some kind of eyesight deterioration as they reach middle age. Most patients who have worn glasses or contacts since childhood also find that their lense prescriptions get slightly stronger each time they visit their optometrist for...

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